Free Fall

Sometimes the enormity of it all,

Pulls you down,


Deep, deeper

Into a seemingly endless pit.

You are falling.

You anticipate a crash,

The fear of it overwhelms you.

You try to grasp,

At roots that don’t exist.

You try to calm down,

You can’t.

For a few seconds,

You get used to falling,

But then again,

You don’t.

Till you suddenly find someone holding you,

Still falling,

You feel secure.

In slow motion.

Knowing where it ends.

And you hold out your hand,

To feel the familiar squeeze,

Of a heavenly hand.

“You want to get out of this?”

He asks.

“Yes” I reply.

“Trust me!” He says.

And then the work starts.

Of trusting and believing.

And having faith.

Till you see the first rays of light.

Seconds later.

Sunshine on your face.

“Thank you” you whisper.

For another chance at life.




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