So much more…

I am more than just a pretty face,

More than a good conversation,

More than just your arm candy,

Much more than your latest craze.


I am more than lips of ruby,

More than long soft lashes,

More than bounces while walking,

Much more than athletic legs.


I am more than a good taste in home decor,

More than someone’s mom,

More than the party organiser,

Much more than the beautiful host.


If you would look up from your TV show,

Keep the day’s paper aside a while,

You would realise the woman sitting next to you,

Is much more than you thought she was.


Look at me when you talk to me,

Look at me, look at my face,

There’s a story that I would like to tell,

If you would bother to care.


I have a personality of my own,

I have opinions on things that you say,

I have creativity waiting to be explored,

I have talents I would like to share.


Would you give me a chance,

Would you accept me the way I am?

Would you care enough to accept the person inside,

The one with the beating heart, the tender soul and mind?


Photo credit:  Abstract Woman Potrait- Anna Ismagilova



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One Response to So much more…

  1. This is so awesome!! Love it!!

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