Only tasted

Hateful thoughts

Like fresh lemon drops

Soured the palate



Unfurling conspiracy

Like expensive wine

Treasured and proud

Secret meetings.


Murderous intentions

Like Roasted fish bone

Pierced the inside

Intravenous lines.


Loaded ammunition

Like bitter coffee

Burned all the way down

Poisonous drugs.


Silent murder

Like cranberry juice

Sweet sour revenge

Induced coma.



She never knew. Never saw. Never felt.


Written in response to the death of our Chief Minister and the subsequent political upheaval in Tamil Nadu, India.




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Pencil strike

If the pen is mightier than a sword,
A pencil is a kitchen knife.
And while the sword is used only in battle,
The knife is used in everyday life.

The one end piercing as a pin,broken-pencil-cliparts-1
The other unapologetically chewed,
When enlightening words pierce from within,
The Buddha it’s end bites.

It draws, writes, prints, strikes out,
Creates at times nothing but doodles.
The cyclones of confused thoughts,
Deranged, knotted, swirled like noodles.

It resides in my pocket, reliable as a body part.
It has its special place, right next to my heart.
In my hand a slave, of humble servitude.
Has yet to rebel against me, Oh darn, it broke.

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Did you become what you thought you would be?

He said, “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get lose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”                                                                                         The Velveteen Rabbit.


I did not become what I thought I would become.

No, I didn’t.

I did not become rich and have never been on a shopping spree by my definition.

I have not finished my PhD, nor attempted starting one.

I did not become a famous musician or singer.

I have not become the carefree mother of many children.

I did not become a well known writer and have not started on a book.

I did not become the beautiful swan and never will be.

I did not live happily ever after.


I did however become a few things I never thought I would become.


I became a friend to someone who needed a friend.

I became a mother of two unplanned and closely spaced children and enjoy it.

I became a pillar to someone who had lost his way in life.

I stayed on a job, because I liked it, even it wasn’t financially the best.

I became more patient, because life doesn’t happen by timetable.

I became forgiving, because I make mistakes too.

I learned to take one day at a time, because it may be the last one.

I learned to give in to arguments, because the relationship was more important.

I learned to be kind, because everyone is in need of it.

I learned to breathe, live and give.

I am glad I didn’t become all the things I thought I would become- who knows what I would have missed on the way….

“Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work.” Jeremiah 1:5






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Dear Americans….

Those days it was the Jews…..

Today it is the Blacks there,

here the Students…

Perhaps tomorrow it is going to be the Whites,

the Christians or the Bureaucrats……

                                                                                            Damals waren es die Juden……

                                                                                            Heute sind es dort die Schwarzen,

                                                                                            hier die Studenten…..

                                                                                            Morgen werden es vielleicht die Weissen,

                                                                                            die Christen oder die Beamten sein….

Damals war es Friedrich (Those days it was Friedrich)

– Hans Peter Richter

Dear Americans,

I have been deeply disturbed by the events of the past few months.

I have lost my faith in education and rational thinking of man.

From a distance of two oceans, I watched the most ‘developed’ nation in the world, vote for a president.

You voted on the basis of appearances of confidence and power, distorted information and how that person made you feel.

I read blog posts on why you voted for him or against him, your arguments were intellectually sound and all the posts were well written.

With regard to your new ‘policies’, I am overwhelmed by the reaction of your nation.

I am stunned watching the slogans used, and language that is intense, stinging and immoral.

And I wonder…..

You did not choose to be born in a ‘developed’ country where there is no persecution on the basis of caste, community or religion.

You did not choose to be born in a place where there is enough food, clean water and a government that takes care of you when you don’t have a job.

You did not choose to be born in a place where you do not constantly fear war and death and the safely of your children.

You did not choose to be born into a family which taught you basic moral values and love.

You were born into an advantage.

You were blessed that you are.

Over the centuries the persecutions done by Christians on the basis of religion is shameful.

No other religion has cause so many wars and mass murders.

By us who profess love, peace, mercy and kindness.

And now I am afraid.

We can easily justify any action intellectually on the basis of fear, insecurity or purification.

It has been done before.

Genocide/ Persecution has 8 stages or operational processes:

  1. Classification– Into ‘us’ and ‘them’
  2. Symbolisation– In the form of a name/ color
  3. Dehumanisation– Denial of the humanity in others
  4. Organisation– It is planned, though not necessarily meticulously
  5. Polarisation- killing- revenge killing- till compromise is impossible
  6. Preparation- includes identification, taking away property, herding and transportation of victims to place of killing, then organised and bureaucratized.
  7. Extermination– Called such and not considered murder, since they are not human anymore.
  8. Denial- Yes, this one always follows.

You could read more about this here:

Having a common enemy makes you stronger.

It does not take long to progress through the processes, from one to eight.

But not so easy to go back…..

In many parts of my country, Christians are being persecuted, stoned, burned and executed without mercy. You will hear nothing about it in the new reports or the news papers.

I wonder how long it will be till it starts in my state, district and town.

I wonder if I, my children and aged parents stand knocking at the door of your country, would you open the door?

The world sees you as a Christian Nation. Would you act like one?

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48

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Love is….

“The salvation of man is through love and in love.” – Unknown



Love is                                             patient. Love

is kind.                       Love

no envy.       Love

no boast. Love

no proud. Love

no                                                                              rude.                                                                     Love

no                                                                 self-seeking.                                                         Love

no                                                               angered.                                                        Love

no                                          record of wrongs.                                             Love

no                               delight in evil.                                        Love

rejoices                           with truth.                             Love

protects,            always.                   Love

trusts,          always.         Love

hopes, always. Love

perseveres, always. Love

never fails.


. 1 Corinthians 13

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To make the world better.

“I was hungry and you formed a humanities club to discuss my hunger.

Thank you.

I was imprisoned and you crept off quietly to your chapel to pray for my release.


I was naked and in your mind you debated the morality of my appearance.

What good did that do?

I was sick and you knelt and thanked God for your health.

But I needed you.

I was homeless and you preached to me of the shelter of the love of God.

I wish you’d taken me home.

I was lonely and you left me alone to pray for me.

Why didn’t you stay?

You seem so holy, so close to God; but I’m still very hungry, lonely, cold, and still in pain.

Does it matter?”

Author unknown


But the subject written about is known,-  it is me, so often ME.

I walked past him who was lonely…. because he was such bad company.

I walked past her who was in pain…. because I didn’t have the emotional energy to deal with the tears.

I avoided the one with the sickness… because all that the person talked about was the sickness and that got tiresome.

I slicked away from the one who was homeless… because I didn’t have the resources and because it was not my problem.

I sped past the one imprisoned by walls of the past….. because I was scared of getting entrapped in it myself.

I walked past the funeral home… because the time was wrong, and I would drop in later when the situation was better.

I did not go to the orphanage to visit the children… there were so many people going there anyway.

I did not make it to the prison gates…. that’s creepy, besides no one would come with me.

I did not make it to the old age home…. they have enough help already.

All I do is pray, halfheartedly, without much understanding, from standard scripts of the order of service.

Shame on me.

Dear Lord, I am ashamed of the way that I am living my life. I am truly sorry. I want to do something for you. Open my eyes so that I can see and respond to the needs of the people around me. Help me not to walk away from anyone because of my pride or preoccupation with worldly things. Open doors for me to act the way you did and do the things you did, feed the hungry, heal the lame and cry with those who hurt. Help me not to judge others by their deeds or appearance. Each one of your sheep matter to you. And I know that you will go with me…. wherever you lead me. Amen




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No New Year Resolutions.

“O God of Second Chances

And New Beginnings,

Here I am again.”

Nancy Spiegelberg- ‘Repeat Performance’


This year I’m not making resolutions.

I am not setting deadlines.

Not writing out goals to accomplish.

Or grand plans aimed at success.


This year I surrender my calendar,

To the one who knows my life,

To him who gently closed doors with wrong content,

Or lead to incentives to wider gates.


This year I learn from the unaccomplished goals,

And learn to take one moment at a time.

I surrender my relationships, dreams and aspirations.

And I take you, only YOU into the core of ME.



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