In His Steps- Charles M Sheldon

What would Jesus do?

The event of a young man asking help from the church community, receiving none, and subsequently dying, makes the pastor of a church rethink what it means to be a Christian. He realises that if he asked “What would Jesus do?” before every minor or major decision that he made, his life would be different. In prayer, he challenges his congregation to ask themselves this question for one year before making decisions in their everyday life. To his surprise a large number of members agree to this challenge. This book follows their lives through this one year.

A singer decides to use her talent to help in the worship services in a nearby slum, rather than singing concerts.

A wealthy woman decides to give away a large portion of her money to establish a newspaper, and builds also a community centre in a needy area.

A former gambler, talks to his old friends in the clubs to lead more meaningful lives.

An editor of a newspaper bans all advertisements related to alcohol and cigarettes from his paper, and ultimately converts it into a Christian Newspaper.

The book walks us through the process that these individuals and many others go through to make the right decisions. It does not gloss over the sacrifice and the pain. It highlights the joy and peace experienced when living in accordance to God’s will.

It is a book that challenges you to rethink your own life and priorities. It is also beautifully and thoughtfully written. A wonderful read for a weekend.

You can find the book on amazon here.

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