Can angels harm us?

The Guardian- Jane Hamilton


Tabris, a guardian angel has committed an unforgivable crime. A crime that deserved banishment from God’s presence forever. But God has chosen to give him one more chance to make things right.

The other angels are angry and amazed. Angry that he would do something so unforgivable to the child he was responsible for; amazed at God’s grace. They do not want to accept Tabris back in their midst and they do not trust him. In the meanwhile Tabris is plaqued by guilt and is tempted by Satan to forsake God. Will he be able to resist the temptation in the absence of friends?

He makes a friend however, someone who bears pain for his sake. Who doesn’t back down even when Tabris rejects him. With his friendship and God’s love, Tabris is able to forgive himself and accept God’s forgiveness.

The book makes angels come alive. My children loved having the book read to them. It provides reassurance of the protection God offers them. The theme of friendship and selflessness is emphasized. It can be recommended for young teens, but also for old people like me, who just want an easy nice read.

I also found a nice website on the emotions of angels which can be accessed here.

You can get the book from amazon here.



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