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Did you pass by the beggar lady yesterday?

I’m not a bad person, but definitely not a particularly brave one. I work an 8- 5 job and go home to work some more. My salary is enough for food, shelter, clothing- Not much more, not much less. Occasionally … Continue reading

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I Hunger, I Thirst.

Want to know the secret of contentment? I Hunger, I Thirst Ich habe Hunger. Ich habe Durst Gudrun Pausewang Mama Soto lives on a small goat hill in South America with her 7 children. Her ancestors settled on this land … Continue reading

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When yet another paper gets rejected…

They didn’t ask me how I dealt with all my rejections. But when 3 research papers were finally published, they asked: “How did you go about it?”  or “Could you teach me how to write a paper?” The only answer … Continue reading

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Can angels harm us?

The Guardian- Jane Hamilton Tabris, a guardian angel has committed an unforgivable crime. A crime that deserved banishment from God’s presence forever. But God has chosen to give him one more chance to make things right. The other angels are … Continue reading

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