Come Thirsty

It was the beginning of another year.

She felt like life was pressing on her from every side.

Darkness threatened to subdue her spirit.

An overwhelming sense of helplessness and hopelessness engulfed her.

And she was afraid.

Afraid that she would fall once again into that bottomless pit of depression.

It wasn’t the first time.

But yet.

She wrote them down.

Each of the problems in her life.

And found solutions for NONE.

She read about “being thirsty”.

She asked the one who had promised to quench her thirst with living waters,

“Why am I yet thirsty?,

When you said I would never thirst again.

Nothing has changed. “


Not empty, but comforting.

He was listening.

“What do I do about my list of problems?”

“Is there anything you can do about them?”

She shakes her head- no.

“Then leave them to me.”

She smiled, for the first time in days.

“And what do I do in the meanwhile?”

“Rest”, he said, “And drink of living waters till your thirst is quenched.

“People will accuse me of ignoring the situation, of being complacent, of neglecting my responsibilities. They will see me as someone who is not able to cope and has lost it.”

“Do you care?”


She smiled as peace engulfed her.

That was before she fell into the most refreshing sleep in days.


The “WELL” prayer:

“Lord, I come thirsty. I come to drink, to receive.  I receive your work on the cross and in your resurrection. My sins are pardoned, and my death is defeated. I receive your energy. Empowered by your Holy Spirit, I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. I receive your Lordship. I belong to you. Nothing comes to me that hasn’t passed through you. And I receive your love. Nothing can separate me from your love.”

Max Lucado in “Come Thirsty” 98680





You can get the book on Amazon here.


Painting- Water to the thirsty

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