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Stuffy in here

It so stuffy in here, In this relationship Where everything seems centered Around your needs, your dreams.   Your vehicles, your first love, Substitute intimacy sufficiently, So I’m second, or wait. Behind your coloured bottles. That you use to hide … Continue reading

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Are ambition and determination enough to make an Empress?

Catherine the Great- A biography by Ian Grey Ian Grey explores the story of Catherina the Great, the empress of Russia who ruled from 1762- 1796, the longest reign of a female Russian leader. He makes her look less victimised … Continue reading

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Come Thirsty

It was the beginning of another year. She felt like life was pressing on her from every side. Darkness threatened to subdue her spirit. An overwhelming sense of helplessness and hopelessness engulfed her. And she was afraid. Afraid that she … Continue reading

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