Calm waters are attractive

Sharing another piece of slam poetry by Julia Engelmann, which I could so relate to 🙂

Julia Engelmann -Calm waters are attractive

Stille Wasser sind attraktiv

I’m a Nerd.
But no stylish Hipster,
more of a thinker,
a total Chimera.
I don’t surf on any fashion trend nor retro wave,
I surf on the Internet.
Books to read and texts to write,
and sometimes I have the feeling
that I’m different and alone.
Nobody looks like me and
nobody seems to be close to me,
sometimes I have the feeling that no one is like me.
A place where I belong, there is none for me.
But why do I feel different?
what should happen next,
I wonder,
what do I do wrong,
I just want to blend in,
But then blend into what?
And what should it be called,
because we are indeed all different
and in that sense are similar to each other.
Maybe it’s not about what divides us
but about what we have in common.
Maybe that’s why we know each other
instead of staying alone.
Because it’s rather a matter of content
than of form.
It’s rather a matter of individuality
than of norm.
It’s actually a matter of fantasy,
and above all
it’s more about the what
than about the how.
What should it be called after all?
‘Everyone is strange and odd’
but these are mere synonyms for
peculiar and unique
If someone tells you you’re different,
then tell yourself that different
doesn’t mean wrong,
it’s just another way of being right.
And if you want to get along,
you have to move your ass,
you have to face your worst fears!
If you want to succeed,
you must fight off your pain barriers
up the toughest mountain
and keep moving forward.
And what matters is not how high you can leap,
but how high you think you can.
It’s not about physics,
but about imagination.
Above all it’s a matter of what
rather than how.
And who bounds another
enclose themselves
Who weakens another
doesn’t feel themselves strong
I open my heart
and leave life intact
because I believe it’s good enough that way.
And then I meet you,
and you see me.
And you take,
because you’re by me
and you make the sight clear,
you make real and visible
There are so many expressions,
so many countables
But we are two variables,
on which there was nothing to count,
and I find my place.
I find my space.
In the smallest intersection of your world
and mine
we are the smallest common diversity,
we are what holds us together
and maybe at the first sight
I’m not so cool,
maybe even boring for many people,
but I listen to your words
and I like your voice,
because I like you
and the way we turn the world in our favor.
And this makes me splendid to me.
We are both more
than the addition of ourselves,
We are both more
than the hours that we share,
we are both more,
we are both like mermaids,
whose characteristic is a so called need for salvation,
that is to say,
they can only be freed by the love of a man.
Maybe you are this man for me.
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