I forgive you

For all the half truths and half lies

Confessed, unconfessed,

And everything in between.


For all the choices you didn’t make,

Or made, When

You couldn’t or had to.


For all the words that meant,

Nothing or everything to

You and me.


For the thoughts that guided

Your actions, expressed

Or unexpressed.


For the gifts you bought,

Or didn’t, the ones

Returned or should have been.


For the moments of deception, intentional

Or instinctual whilst these drew or

Repelled me to and from you.


Cause you see in the end,

The things that mattered were insignificant

The things that didn’t- important.


So in the end, I Embrace truth, I forgive you.



Prayer to forgive others

Help me forgive those who have hurt me, God. Maybe they had a reason, or it amused them, maybe they wanted me to learn something or they wanted me to hurt and rot. Whatever the reason, help me to breathe in the Holy Spirit and say “I forgive you.” Help me, Jesus, to forget the hurt, and work towards my own health and soul. Inspire me to be positive and identify the numerous opportunities that present themselves before me. Amen


Picture credit: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/forgiveness-virtue

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