One day, Baby.

One day baby, we’ll be old…..

Eines Tages, Baby, werden wir alt sein….

I came across this beautiful, young and talented Slam poetry artist named Julia Engelmann, whose words so deeply moved me that I just had to share it here. She has titled it “One day/ Reckoning Song”.  It’s a little long, but definately worth reading!


One day, baby, when we’ll be old,

oh baby when we’re old

we’ll think of all the stories that we could have told.

I, I am the master of pranks when it comes to self deception.

I’m a toddler at its best when I face tasks.

I’m a decelerated particle,

let myself be enthused for recklessness,

when lived by someone else.

and I think too much,

I wait too long,

I take too much on me

and I do too little thereof.

I hold myself back too much,

I doubt everything,

I wish I was smart,

But that itself is stupid.

I would like to say so much,

but stay quiet most of the time,

because if I said everything

it would be way too much.

I would like to do so much, my list is so long,

but I’ll never get around everything, so I don’t even start.

Instead, I’m on my smartphone without a plan,

waiting for next Friday,

‘uh, I’ll do that later’

is the baseline of my daily routine

I’m so horribly lazy, like a pebble on the ocean bed,

I’m so horribly lazy, my patron’s is a bastard.

my life is a waiting room,  no one calls me up,

I always save my dopamine in case I need it later.

And one day, baby, I’ll be old,

oh baby I’ll be old

and think of all the stories I could’ve told

and you, you loyally mutter every year

anew on new year’s eve

the same old resolutions into your champagne glass

and at the end of December

you realize that you’re right

when you say that you forgot or missed it again this year.

and yet, 2013 should’ve been the first year of the rest of your life

you wanted to lose weight,

get up earlier,

get out more often,

tackle your dreams,

watch the news more often,

for more small-talk and general knowledge

but like every year,

although you didn’t expect it,

the everyday life came in between.

our life is a waiting room, no one calls on you,

we save our dopamine in case we’ll need it later

and we are young and

we have plenty of time,

why should we risk,

we don’t want to make mistakes,

we don’t want to lose anything

and there remains so much to do,

our lists stay long,

and so day after day pass into unknown lands

and one day, baby,

we’ll be old, oh baby we’ll be old

and think of all the stories we could have told

and the stories we’ll tell instead will be sad conjunctives, like

 ‘once, I almost ran a marathon, and

almost read the Buddenbrooks, and

once I almost stayed up until the clouds turned purple again, and

almost, we almost demasked and saw that we were the same,

and then we almost told each other how much we meant to another’, we’ll say

and we’ll keep it a secret that we were nothing but lazy and

 coward, and we’ll wish in secret to stay here just a little bit longer

then when we’re old and our day’s numbered

and that will definitely happen

 only then we’ll realise that we had nothing to lose

because the life that we want to lead can only be chosen by us,

so let us write stories that we’ll enjoy telling later

let’s stay up late, climb up the highest roof in the city,

laughing and singing the best songs out of rhythm

let’s throw parties like confetti,

see how they travel to the ground and celebrate the fallen parties

until the clouds have turned purple again,

and let’s believe in ourselves,

I don’t care whether that’s crazy,

and whoever looks can see that courage is just another anagram for fortune

and whoever we used to be, let’s become who we want to be

we’ve already waited far too long, let’s waste some dopamine

The sense of life is living, Casper said that already

Let’s make the most of the night, Ke$a said that already

let’s make plenty of mistakes and learn a lot from them

let’s seed Good now, so that we can harvest Good later

let’s do everything because we can and not because we have to

because now we’re young and alive and anyone can know

and our time will end, that will happen in any case

and until then we’re free and there’s nothing to lose

let’s demask, and see, we’re still the same,

and then we can tell each other that we mean a lot to each other,

because we can choose the life that we want to lead

so let’s go, let’s write stories that we’ll like to tell later

and one day, baby, we’ll be old,

oh baby we’ll be old

and think about all the stories that will always be ours.

One day/ Reckoning song by Julia Engelmann




This translation is taken from this website. 

You can listen to her youtube video here (it has english untertitles:))

You can buy the german version of her book here.

I really hope there will soon be an english translation.

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