Went to a place

I went to a place, where the

pomegranates ripen on trees,

till they erupt liquid squeeze.


The sputtered seeds, where the

papayas hang till decadent,

fall with a plop on the land.


Time seems to pause, while the

ants tuck away provisions in their worry,

the only ones ever in a hurry.


Car games are unheard, where the

children play koko and kabaddi,

sprint over rocks and climb trees.


Laughter ruptures the air, where the

umbrellas are made of sticks and leaves,

and pull along toys of coconuts- small and green.


Under the shady tree, where the

grown ups sit knitting and husking seeds,

while old stories are shared and memories.


No one was hungry, where the

food came straight from the ground,

to the pan and gobbled by hungry mouths.


Cars drive slowly, where the

trees are filled with song,

medleys of flowers blossomed all along.


Sheep let you pet them, where the

chickens couldn’t be chased,

and the bullocks peacefully grazed.


Dusk approached, then you

looked up at starry skies,

with children hugging you on every side.


I thanked God for the day, where there

was hope where all else stalled,

Hope- After all.


Written on a trip to Yelagiri hills, Tamilnadu.

Photo credit: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/day-of-hope/

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