Simply being

The distinguished looking lady came to the out patient department of the hospital, entered my room and surprisingly sat down next to me. She seemed to be looking for someone, but was obviously in the wrong place. She had greeted me when she came in and asked if she could use the phone. Strangely I did not resent her intrusion. When she couldn’t contact the person, she sighed, talking to herself rather than me. She gave up after a while.

She suddenly stopped and looked at me and asked for my name.

I introduced myself and told her when I had met her last; she had come to see my boss.

She didn’t remember, but as she got up, she said, “You have a beautiful smile.”

She opened her arms for a hug. “Come here”, she said.  I fitted perfectly.

It was motherly, very womanly.

“It’s all worth it in the end”, she said.

“In the kingdom of heaven, even this counts.”

With that she was gone.

She left me thinking what it was that I had done.

And realize that it was not in doing… but in simply being.

Nothing more. Nothing less.



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