Colour me

Colour me black,

Taint my name,

Make me look like I’m  a quack.


Colour me red,

Lust over me,

Crush me out like a cigarette.


Colour me pink,

Call me cute,

Taste me like a strawberry drink.


Colour me yellow,

Call me a buddy,

Say it’s just friendship, sweet and mellow.


Colour me orange,

Call me prideful,

Firm in my attitude as rock embedded coral.


Colour me green,

Call me jealous,

Competing with the flowers and the trees.


Colour me purple,

Call me brave,

Because I live my life loud with a purpose.


Colour me silver,

Call me timid,

You think I resemble a chilver?


Remember yet as you colour me,

Your shade will not change,

The colour that I choose to be.



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2 Responses to Colour me

  1. Samantha says:

    Artistic and really beautiful poem


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