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Female infanticide and Feminism

“To all the women, whose life seems an utter mess, Who see neither way out nor a cathedral to confess. To whom survival is the immediate need, Who no advice columns or feminism heed. Listen to me, listen here, I … Continue reading

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Simply being

The distinguished looking lady came to the out patient department of the hospital, entered my room and surprisingly sat down next to me. She seemed to be looking for someone, but was obviously in the wrong place. She had greeted … Continue reading

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The abandoned pups

One fine day 2 houses away, we hear a chorus of yelping and find 9 tiny adorable pups. None of the neighbours knew where they had come from or when. The pups only knew was that they were hungry, very … Continue reading

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Colour me

Colour me black, Taint my name, Make me look like I’m  a quack.   Colour me red, Lust over me, Crush me out like a cigarette.   Colour me pink, Call me cute, Taste me like a strawberry drink.   … Continue reading

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