Dear Americans….

Those days it was the Jews…..

Today it is the Blacks there,

here the Students…

Perhaps tomorrow it is going to be the Whites,

the Christians or the Bureaucrats……

                                                                                            Damals waren es die Juden……

                                                                                            Heute sind es dort die Schwarzen,

                                                                                            hier die Studenten…..

                                                                                            Morgen werden es vielleicht die Weissen,

                                                                                            die Christen oder die Beamten sein….

Damals war es Friedrich (Those days it was Friedrich)

– Hans Peter Richter

Dear Americans,

I have been deeply disturbed by the events of the past few months.

I have lost my faith in education and rational thinking of man.

From a distance of two oceans, I watched the most ‘developed’ nation in the world, vote for a president.

You voted on the basis of appearances of confidence and power, distorted information and how that person made you feel.

I read blog posts on why you voted for him or against him, your arguments were intellectually sound and all the posts were well written.

With regard to your new ‘policies’, I am overwhelmed by the reaction of your nation.

I am stunned watching the slogans used, and language that is intense, stinging and immoral.

And I wonder…..

You did not choose to be born in a ‘developed’ country where there is no persecution on the basis of caste, community or religion.

You did not choose to be born in a place where there is enough food, clean water and a government that takes care of you when you don’t have a job.

You did not choose to be born in a place where you do not constantly fear war and death and the safely of your children.

You did not choose to be born into a family which taught you basic moral values and love.

You were born into an advantage.

You were blessed that you are.

Over the centuries the persecutions done by Christians on the basis of religion is shameful.

No other religion has cause so many wars and mass murders.

By us who profess love, peace, mercy and kindness.

And now I am afraid.

We can easily justify any action intellectually on the basis of fear, insecurity or purification.

It has been done before.

Genocide/ Persecution has 8 stages or operational processes:

  1. Classification– Into ‘us’ and ‘them’
  2. Symbolisation– In the form of a name/ color
  3. Dehumanisation– Denial of the humanity in others
  4. Organisation– It is planned, though not necessarily meticulously
  5. Polarisation- killing- revenge killing- till compromise is impossible
  6. Preparation- includes identification, taking away property, herding and transportation of victims to place of killing, then organised and bureaucratized.
  7. Extermination– Called such and not considered murder, since they are not human anymore.
  8. Denial- Yes, this one always follows.

You could read more about this here:

Having a common enemy makes you stronger.

It does not take long to progress through the processes, from one to eight.

But not so easy to go back…..

In many parts of my country, Christians are being persecuted, stoned, burned and executed without mercy. You will hear nothing about it in the new reports or the news papers.

I wonder how long it will be till it starts in my state, district and town.

I wonder if I, my children and aged parents stand knocking at the door of your country, would you open the door?

The world sees you as a Christian Nation. Would you act like one?

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48

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