Naked and Unashamed


“I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” Genesis 3:10

I clothed myself in dignity and self respect,

You were not satisfied.

I clothed myself in humility and love,

It did not appeal to you.

I clothed myself in constant prayer and gentleness,

You said it wasn’t enough.

I clothed myself in generosity and sacrifice,

It disgusted you.

I covered my sins in sincere repentance,

You said it meant nothing to you.

I then clothed myself in anger and pride,

You would not be moved.

I wept bitterly at my attempts at clothing and your disapproval,

You lifted me up.

You said I tried too hard and was overdressed.

Take off your sense of pride and belonging,

It is not your virtue.

Take off your anger and self righteousness,

It hurts you inside.

Take off your dignity and self respect,

The world may need it, not me.

Take off your pretensions of humility and love,

Your garments need not show it.

Take off the coat of prayer and gentleness,

All you need is me.

So I went to him just as I was,

Naked and Unashamed.

And He loved me.

“They were both naked and unashamed.”Genesis 2: 25

Photo credit:The true account of Adam and Eve

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