Never too late to dream


It’s nearing the end of the year.

Already. So soon.

Sometimes I think time is running out.

I am older by a year, but not just me, but 2 children too.

A new class, new challenges, new friends.

A year of missed opportunities, failed challenges, and friends who have moved on.

“What’s your dream?”

Someone had asked me at the beginning of the year.

I had thought through it, made notes, made resolutions.


When I was a child, I dreamt of a big white house with a big lawn.

The lawn had horses, and I was always surrounded by a lot of children.

There were equal number of boys and girls. They seemed to be laughing all the time.

I played violin like Vanessa Mae- that was the most consistent part of the dream.

I could easily make transitions to 3rd position and back, do perfect vibratos that sustained beyond the notes, and move from staccato to legato and grandioso.

While the names and number of the children changed, this part of the dream didn’t.

After a shift in location, classes got too expensive, so I had to stop learning.

But I had a beautiful violin, a present by my late violin teacher and her prayers.

I played occasionally at church and at functions, feeling conscious of my skills and my ‘off’ notes.

I thought that someday when I grew up, I would be able to learn again, get better, and become a virtuoso.

Now I am grown up.

There are financial constraints, time constraints and priorities.

Maybe the best part of a dream is the dreaming.

But when I gave up on my dream, there was a voice that said, ”It’s never too late for a dream to come true.”

“Explain to me.” I replied.

“You have all the time in the world… You have eternity.”

I smile.

I will sing and play and practice.

There will be no more busyness, tiredness and more important things.

I have a dream. I know it will come true. If not here, somewhere it will.

What’s your dream?

“I wanna go where the lights are low and the dreamers are chasing. I wanna live like we don’t know much, but we know we’re gonna make it.”



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