Just let me be me.

Since I was created, and not evolved,

I have the intense need to be loved.

For when he formed me with his hands,

He had my entire future planned.


He made me perfect in his way,

For the purpose for which I was to stay.

That may be the reason I sometimes seem,

A little at odd with other fishes in the stream.


The river tarnished with unseen forces,

Dragged me in its our courses.

When the good Lord said- “Walk with me”,

I at crossroads, thought you could make me free.


And suddenly I realised I was chained,

All was lost that I had gained.

And you earthly saviour of the stream,

Was gone, nowhere to be seen.


I struggled bitterly, felt pain and loss,

Till I finally knelt at the cross.

Till I knew someone who loved me,

And would just let me be ME!




Photo credit- baileyd718.files.wordpress.com



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