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When a kilo of rice is the cost of an apple, what is the price of poverty?

  The mother who looks terribly malnourished, says she can’t afford it. The child beams into a smile and then shyly buries his head in his mother’s saree. He looks ok, and that is because he was till recently breastfeed. … Continue reading

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Just let me be me.

Since I was created, and not evolved, I have the intense need to be loved. For when he formed me with his hands, He had my entire future planned.   He made me perfect in his way, For the purpose … Continue reading

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Un- Entangled

She had lived in a tower all her life. Her beautiful hair needed to be protected. She believed the lies she was told. She did not know the truth. The prince had known Rapunzel for a while now, and the … Continue reading

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