UN- wrapping

I wrapped my soul around you, Gingerly,

Not unyielding, not too taut,

To give you enough space to be YOU.


I gave you warmth, Devotedly,

Taking care not to smother you,

To give you enough space to glow.


I gave you protection, Thoughtfully,

Holding you just enough to keep you off the cliff,

To still let you test the limits.


When you took my soul, Captiously,

I bled, when I learned things not realised otherwise,

But yet, here I am strong enough to move on.


When you snuggled onto my heart, Longingly,

Your thorns pierced me in different places,

I learned that there was a dark side in everything.


When you took shelter in my being, Indifferently,

I realised I wasn’t me anymore, so to protect myself,

I had to unwrap my soul, off your shoulders, Forever.


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