The night is darkest…….

The night is darkest……..


Once upon a time, I had the world at my feel,

Now all I am left with are my broken dreams

It happened so suddenly, one by one each door was shut,

Each opportunity vanished, which made non well wishers glut.

There I am alone at the end of the rope,

The balancing rod slipping off my hands, no Hope.

I try and try so hard to dream on,

Every single dream rudely interrupted by thorns.


Lord, take the shattered pieces of my self esteem,

Turn it into grace, restore to me my dreams.

Help me to refrain from knocking on every closed door,

You know the way that you want me to go.

Take my chains and my brokenness,

But above all, stay with me, help me to trust.

And I Know deep inside that you would not give up on me,

All I need to do is trust you, Only in you I am free.



………… Just before the dawn.



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