Are you ready to die?


Imagine. You are sitting at the doctor’s office, for the results of an investigation to rule out something insignificant. In a moment he calls you in. The atmosphere changes. He motions you to sit down, he is uncomfortable, but composed. “I am afraid I have bad news.” You start to say something to make the situation light, but stop yourself. You ask yourself what could possibly be wrong. You are 35 years old, healthy and fit. “I’m sorry to tell you, as we did the investigations we found some tissue which is cancerous.” “Ok, doctor,” you hear yourself speak, “It can’t be that bad.” The doctor doesn’t seem to have heard you. “I am not sure how it was missed, but the cells seems to have spread all over the body, there is nothing we can do.” “How long?” you ask, as if practised in a slow motion film. “ If you are lucky, 2 months.”

Imagine. You are getting back home after work in your car. You look forward to the special dinner today, it is the little one’s birthday. Her surprise present, the Barbie doll she so wished for, is at the back seat. Just as you are about to turn the corner of the road, a truck comes at full speed towards you, ignoring the signal. The last thing you know is that it is the end. Your daughters’ faces flash before your eyes.

Imagine. You are at a party. Everyone is having fun. You have been having a nice evening, having pleasant conversations with almost every VIP in the room. You gloat at how successful you have become. Suddenly you are sweating, your chest hurts, you want to sit down as your head starts spinning. You are a health professional and you know you are having a heart attack. You motion to someone, but they don’t see it. ‘So that’s it?’ you wonder.

What would your last thoughts be?

That life wasn’t fair? That you had so much left to accomplish? Why God picked just this time, just when you were about to accomplish something big?

Who or what would you worry about?

Would you worry about the business deal you were not able to complete? The adult child who never came back after an argument? Would you worry about your spouse who you couldn’t speak to in the morning? Would you think about your child’s future? About the will which had not yet been written?

Are you ready?

Can we ever be ready to die?

Is it easier to die when you are older as compared to when you are younger? Is it fairer, because when you are older, you have had longer time to live your dreams? Is it fairer when you are dependent on someone rather than when people depend on you? Does being older help you to be better prepared, or is it that you anticipate it more? Is the death of a child less tragic than the death of an older person? Is death tragic at all?

Is there something like a good time to die? In this world, where one attempts to prevent or mask ageing, is there anyone who is ready to pass on? In this time of discontentment and striving for more, is there anyone who is contented with the life well lived and waiting to move on?

I know people, who want to die because they feel they don’t have a better option.

I know someone. who just doesn’t want to be alive because she is going through so much pain.

I know a young girl, who is ambiguous about being alive, because she has no purpose in life and no hope.

I know a person who just wants to die because he has never felt loved.

What is your hope? What makes you hold on to life?

Are you afraid?

When I was younger I was afraid of going to hell. I was sure I was going there, because I was so bad.

I did not know GRACE.

What is your fear? Are you afraid of the unknown, or that there is a void? Are you afraid of facing someone higher than you? Are you afraid that no one will remember you or miss you? That you missed leaving a legacy?


So many questions.

No answers.

I know only one thing.

Death is inevitable.

I will never be truly ready. But when it happens I know where I am going.

What a relief.


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind….” Romans 12:2

“I have come that you may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life … can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8: 38- 39











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5 Responses to Are you ready to die?

  1. Well, “assume”, and “know”, are two different things.

    But that aside, my last thought would probably be: “Of course.”

    The person I would worry about most would be my Ex.

    And while I go about trying to maintain a healthy and productive life – yes, I am absolutely ready.

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    • Hi, thanks for dropping in. So when I first thought about it, I thought I was ready too, but honestly and truthfully, I wasn’t. We all have a lot of attachments, more than most of us admit to, but I guess it is different for each person. I agree about the “assume and know”. That makes a huge difference!


  2. I’ve seen alot of life. I’ve been the hero, victim, and villain. I’ve been euphoric and spent years in agony. I’ve studied and built philosophies unknown to most. I’ve fed and built homes for the needy. War and murder is one of the few things I haven’t done, but I doubt it would be very edifying. And though I wish I’d found the love of my life by now, I’ve still known enough of love to know what it would be like.

    And now, I still have nearly nothing. To build my life, I’d be going through the motions. If I eventually found love, it would be the core of my life, but again, I am not unfamiliar with it. As opposed to continuing the struggle, I could let it end. I won’t be killing myself anytime soon, but I’m tired of the same old same old.

    I could go. I’d be pissed, and a little sad, but I could be comfortable with it.


    • Wow! That is an impressive long list of life experiences. I haven’t had that many, just gone through a bit of pain, and disappointment maybe. But I have realized that there is just one thing which can satisfy me- Psalm 107:9. I hope that you find your purpose and meaning in life, and TRUE love. God bless.


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