The other woman

Maybe she lost her way and couldn’t see quite clearly how to get back on track.

Maybe she was like the woman at the well, seeking something the world couldn’t provide and receiving something she didn’t need.

Maybe she took a few wrong steps, not because she was vicious, but because she was misguided and tempted.

Maybe she was a little bit like you a few years and experiences ago, when you just started life and were in love for the first time.

Maybe she never knew what love was, and was just following a scented trail.

Maybe she thought she loved him, and just wanted to show him how much.

Maybe she knew all along that he belonged to you, and would never be hers and never wanted to take him away from you.

Maybe he let her believe that everything was alright, and that everyone was doing it, and that she really didn’t have to feel guilty about it.

Maybe she believed him when he said that men and women could be ‘just friends’.

Maybe she tried to resist him, but couldn’t because he knew better.

Maybe she even tried to remind him of you, but he didn’t listen.

Maybe it wasn’t anybody’s fault, what had to happen has happened and will happen.

Maybe you could give her the benefit of the doubt, even though she made a terrible mistake and hurt your feelings unforgivably.

Maybe she is just another woman, unloved, unheard and struggling in life, just like you.

Maybe, though at this moment you will fiercely deny it, the other woman could have been you.

Maybe right now, she is having a hard time trying to forgive herself.

Maybe she is on her knees at this very moment, praying for you and for your family, and asking God for forgiveness.

Maybe, you would not lose much if you forgave her,

maybe not now,

not right away,

but maybe someday you could forgive her.

She needs your forgiveness… just as much as you do.









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3 Responses to The other woman

  1. Very nice post, may God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julia says:

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions – no? Hugs.


    • Very true, and a wise way of looking at it. Another lesson maybe: Beware of good intentions, unless it is clearly true, right, noble, lovely, honourable (phil 4:8)restrain from doing it! Thanks for the comment.


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