How I survived a month without a laptop

You’re back…(hugs, sigh, kiss)…. I love you my laptop, my inanimate thing!

Ok, let me face it. I did miss ‘it’.

I’m one of thooose people who consider themselves technology independent. And I’m one of those old fashioned geeks who advise parents and other known people not to let their children watch cartoons and shake my head disapprovingly at any child found fiddling with a phone (excluding my own, obviously).

So when my laptop had to go to a place 275 kms away for servicing, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Turned out that it wasn’t that simple.

By the end of the second day I was struggling with separation anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. Ok, I know I had my smart phone, but there were things that could not be substituted. Such as:

  • Aerobic exercises/ zumba workouts from youtube
  • Work related stuff hard to find else where
  • The to do list of the month
  • Typing emails on a real keyboard
  • Emergency videos for the kids when your sanity is at threat.

So here are some of the strategies that were adopted for survival:

Day 1: It was time for the daily exercises, which were tried unsuccessfully on the small screen, in which I couldn’t make out which limb was moving in which direction and when. Therefore resorted to sweeping, mopping and cleaning the house instead, served the purpose, well – in some ways.

Day 2: Not able to find an important article related to a presentation, which I later remembered didn’t have a dead line. So the priorities were rearranged accordingly and presentation put at the bottom of the list.

The presentation to be taken for students was done by chalk and black board method which for a change kept them awake.

Week 2: Alone at home with the kids, play time over, so is reading and story time. The mother’s nerves at the edge and kids eager to keep the nerves there. “Let’s bake something!” says the mom, and so they did.

Week 3: Trying to remember one particular point on the ‘to do list’. I’m sure I have forgotten something. I choose to adopt a different attitude. If I can’t remember it, maybe it wasn’t that important. I haven’t been able to remember ‘it’ to date.

Week 4: It’s getting a bit weary. The spouse is reminded to call the company almost every day. Tempers rise, emotions too. Spouse makes fun of how the technology independent woman is fretting over the missing laptop.

I admit to myself that I have given that damn thing an important place in my heart. But I still want it back!!!

It’s back, It’s back! Thank you service man, company person, spouse, for making it functional. There, there…

Technology shall be your slave, NOT your master

Another resolution made…..I resolve to depromote it from the special place in my heart, to somewhere more distal, near the hands maybe.

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