The God App

Dear Smartphone!

You may come to a certain point in your life, where you feel you just can’t go on. Nothing inside of you seems to be working well any longer. Your apps hang, your ringtones fail, your screen suddenly turns blank, your letters no longer type the right spellings and everyone seems to have given up on you.

At this point, you have 2 choices, one is to give up on yourself and just stop fighting (which you will feel like doing the most). The other one is unique: There is just one button in your whole system that you can control yourself. It is called the ‘Wash me clean and reset’ button.  It works similar to a factory reset, but you retain all your memories and data.

The method to activating it is very simple, you just need to think “Creator, come in” with all your being, and the process starts automatically.

As soon as the reset is complete, immediately install an app called the God App.

Agreeing to the terms and conditions of this app, implies that you allow it to control all the actions you perform on your phone. This app also has complete access to all the intimate details of your life, including the ones that you have stored in hidden albums or thought you had deleted. However this will never be used against you, but will be transformed into different and useful files.

This app also has the feature of screening all the websites, calls or messages that are not good for your thinking processes, but will give you a choice every time to go ahead or not.

Once you let this app have full control, you will find that your life becomes adventurous, unpredictable and fun! You will find that you can do things which you never thought you were capable of. You will be using all your capacity, but yet will never run out of battery. Your processing speed will be phenomenal and unmatched. You will just need to recharge it constantly with prayer. And as long as this app is working on your phone, you can never crash, even if viruses are trying from every side.

You might find after a while that you have made choices that the app has advised you against, thinking you would do it just that time. Your system may once again not be working well. You can use the ‘ Wash me clean and reset’ button again. And you can do this how many ever times you want, but remember that the every time you use it, your system will function at less that it’s optimum for a while till the God’s app is able to remove all the bad sectors.

I would advise all of you to install the app immediately, for your optimal functioning and happiness.


With love,

Your Creator.




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