The mind’s shades

How many shades of grey are they?

Are there fifty, are there three,

Oh God of darkness, God of light,

Why is there always fighting amongst thee?


Does the night extinguish the light,

Or does the light overcome the darkness?

Is the soul stronger than the feelings,

Or do feelings overcome the spirit?


What do you do when the night calls out to you,

And when the light draws you as a moth,

Do memories of joy overcome the pain,

Or does suffering take away all happiness?


Who decides the feelings of our mind,

Who decides if your longings are fulfilled?

Does the soul have a say in what you decide,

And does you free will bring you happiness?


Are there answers for the questions

That lie nagging in my mind?

Or will you say as the philosopers say,

That the answers to all the questions lie inside?


The soul finally does seek itself,

Its creator, the sunrise,

And he who is the God of the night,

Creates for you a new beginning, a new dawn.


Painting- The gray tree, 1912, Piet Mondrian





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