The things I’m glad I missed…

I’m glad I missed the dead line to submit that presentation,

And chose to spend time with my family instead.


I’m glad I was 5 minutes late again,

Because I didn’t yell at anyone to hurry up in the morning.


I’m glad I missed being called hard working

Because I didn’t miss the triumph on my little one’s face as she made it thought the climbing maze by herself.


I’m glad I missed those two hours of sleep,

Because I could talk about the younger one’s nightmare and reassure her.


I’m glad I missed the late night movie,

So I could feel the soft vibrations of the little one’s snore against my chest.


I’m glad I missed the manicure and the pedicure,

Because finger nails are for getting dirty in clay and paint,

And feet for walking and calluses.


I’m glad I miss the old perfectionist in me,

Because now I learned that patience and kindness pay more dividends.


I’m glad I missed the striving to deserve and be good,

Because it has been replaced by unconditional love and acceptance.


I’m glad I miss having that romantic, hormonal, exciting feeling towards another person,

For now I know love that knows no ending,

Which is higher and deeper, reaching far beyond where I can see,

And is beyond my understanding.


I’m glad I missed all the things I could have become, but didn’t,

Because my maker knows the plans he has for me and they are far beyond my expectation.


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One Response to The things I’m glad I missed…

  1. This is truly lovely. Thank you.

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