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Just a painful procedure

“Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Mark 8:34 It was just a hysteroscopy, a procedure many women undergo everyday for various reasons. For me, it was neither life threatening, … Continue reading

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What being an Occupational Therapist is like.

Sometimes your life seems like a plain with a smooth and well trodden path, like pebbles washed ashore by many waves. At other times, it seems like a rocky mountain, full of unexpected twists and turns, sharp edges and boulders … Continue reading

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The God App

Dear Smartphone! You may come to a certain point in your life, where you feel you just can’t go on. Nothing inside of you seems to be working well any longer. Your apps hang, your ringtones fail, your screen suddenly … Continue reading

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The mind’s shades

How many shades of grey are they? Are there fifty, are there three, Oh God of darkness, God of light, Why is there always fighting amongst thee?   Does the night extinguish the light, Or does the light overcome the … Continue reading

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The things I’m glad I missed…

I’m glad I missed the dead line to submit that presentation, And chose to spend time with my family instead.   I’m glad I was 5 minutes late again, Because I didn’t yell at anyone to hurry up in the … Continue reading

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