Coming out of my shell


Getting out of my shell?

I refuse to come out!

The winds blow strong, I might get stomped on,

No, you can’t make me come out.


In here in my privacy,

It is safe, cozy and warm,

No, I refuse to come out,

And face the winds and the storm.


Are you telling me,

That I’ve been in here too long?

I’m afraid of the world out there,

Cos every time I get out, I’ve been wronged.


In here it’s safe and I’m hidden away,

And that’s the way to stay off the rain,

I like to watch the sunshine and the birds,

From the inside of my domain.


Little snail, little snail,

Don’t you want to come out to play?

The summer is high,

And the butterflies dance through the day.


You would feel safe,

If you trusted me and let me hold your hand,

I could show you a lot of pretty things,

And lead you through the land.


There inside of your shell,

You don’t know what you are missing,

The rain drops, they do fall,

But it’s not as painful as you think.


You will get used to the wind too,

If you would only come out a while,

How would you know happiness and joy?

And how will you learn how to smile.


The Lord God gave us feelings,

So we could experience pleasure and pain,

He loves to pick us up when we fall,

And dance with us as we play.


So little snail, little snail,

Come out and see,

How beautiful the world is,

That he created for you and for me.








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